Saturday, March 28, 2015

Good Bye Miss Price

Thank you Miss Price for the 5 weeks of hard work you put into the Learning Journeys of the children in Room 21. We thoroughly enjoyed your teaching and your company.

Here is a photo of the final afternoon story reading session.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Toast and Marmalade- Paddington Bear style

We read the story about Paddington Bear and wondered why Paddington loved toast and marmalade. 
We decided we would try it for ourselves. Delicious! 
Then we wrote about it. Come in and read our stories.
Here are some photos that show how we made the toast, buttered it, added the marmalade and the ate it. 
We worked with a buddy.
Take a quick peak at all the different ways people cut their toast. Beginnings of fraction work happened with no input from Mrs Boyd.
Having to cut the toast in half really made them all very careful about cutting the toast into 2 even pieces...halves!