Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chloe's iPad

Chloe uses an iPad to help her write her stories. Chloe uses an App called clicker Sentences. 

Adding using counting on

Hugh was using 2 dice to practice his counting on. He is getting really confident at forming his numbers correctly and working out the answers by counting on. Great work Hugh.

Basketball skills with our special coach Clifton

We were very lucky to have Clifton Bush come to our school to teach us how to throw and catch a basket ball.
Sophie has jumped so high to try a shoot a basket.
Ben and Felix are aiming for the basket.                
Tessa is getting down low to try and make her shot at goal a successful shot. Fenella is leaping up high. Her arms are out stretched....I wonder if she got the ball into the basket?
Check out Hohua's great concentration!
We talked about height at the end and we could easily tell that Clifton was taller than Chloe. Chloe is the shortest person in our class. We had talked about taller and shorter in our Maths.
Thanks Clifton for coming and teaching us all so many new large ball skills. 


Hohua and Hugh are making a cones to put their popcorn in.

The popcorn is ready....Change....What makes popcorn go POP in the pot?
Fern has filled up her cone with popcorn.
Caleb is enjoying his salty popcorn. We tried different toppings and it changed the flavour.
George likes the icing sugar on his popcorn.

Petra is eating her popcorn out of her cone.
Look at Sammy's smile. 

We talked about making popcorn and we know that we need heat to make popcorn.