Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Swimming lesson number 1 on Tuesday 4th November.

 Take a look at our photos of the children enjoying being in the water on our first swimming lesson. Every one was very happy to be in the water. We have 3 groups. The walk to and from the pools is so good for us and we are using our learning from the "Stepping Out" course we did with Constable Chris in term 2.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daffodils at Taniwha These photos capture the magic of the beautiful day we had picking daffodils at Taniwha. What a CHANGE it was from our classroom. WE got to experience the CHANGE of seasons...Spring had certainly arrived.

Mum and son with a beautiful bunch of daffodils.
Spring sunlight on yellow daffodils held by Rosa. Stunning.
Archie came on our trip too.
Look at Thea's beautiful daffodils.
Sammy is holding his daffodils carefully.
Hiding in the daffodils.
Margaret came to help us on our trip.

Making Jelly. Crystals that CHANGED into jelly. The hot liquid had to CHANGE before it was ready to eat.

We made jelly. We made 3 flavours of jelly and we created a small rainbow effect by putting a different flavour on top of the other once it had set.
Can you think what flavours we used?
We started with jelly crystals. Then we added boiling water and the crystals CHANGED. They dissolved into the  hot water. When the jelly cooled we put it into the fridge and it CHANGED again. This time it had set.
Once it had set in the fridge over night we got to eat the jelly.
Look at our happy expressions.

Time to eat our jelly!

 Eating jelly CHANGED how we felt.