Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thinking about life in the Olden Days.

What is this?
Can you think what this machine does?

How does this oven get hot?
Do we use a machine like this?

Where would this furniture be found?
Look at this decorative piano. Does it look the same as our school piano? What is different?
What are the black things for?

What is this shop selling?
Where would these things be found?

Why does the chair have wheels?

Who would sleep in this bedroom? Why do you think that?

Why is the material hanging out of the rollers?

Wet Lunch Time

The interactive whiteboard came into its own today...the second wet lunch time in a row. BBC 'teletubbies captured every ones attention.

The letter s

We have been learning to form the letter s correctly.

Look at these children working on their whiteboards.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mat Manners

The children in Room K0 have become so good at remembering their mat manners all the time.

Map making in K0. We used shapes and positional language.

Maddi and Charlotte are working with Mrs Burrough. They have made a key to help them read their map.
Charlie and Charlie are adding details to their map.

Working together.

Charlie is helping his group make a map using shapes to represent different places. They used squares to represent their houses.

Maddi is sharing her learning with a group.

Putting roads on a map.

Charlie has helped his group make a map that will help them all use the language of shape and position.

Busy working alongside each other.
Maddi is showing the teacher what she is doing.

Children enjoying map making.

Charlie helped his group make a map. He was good at sharing his learning.

Everyone was involved. Tamish and Oskar are busy helping to make their group map.

 Maddi is adding a pool to her map using blue paper to represent water.

Look at this finished map. You can see shapes  that represent houses, roads and green spaces for playing. Once we had finishe making the maps we gave instructions to others using directions and included positional language too.
Mrs Burrough came into our class and worked with 4 children.
  • They followed instructions
  • They made a map
  • First they drew their own house
  • Squares represented houses
  • Then we drew roads
  • Hexagons represented a school
  • Trapeziums were for shops
  • Blue paper showed water
  • Green paper represented places to play
When the map was made we had to use postional language to tell each other how we could get to different places. We had to listen carefully.

The next day Maddi, Charlie, Charlie and Charlotte had to share their learning with a group of children. What great teachers they were. The maps are now used in our classroom at choosing time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making toast

 Making toast at Discovery Learning.
 Tia loves toast.
Tia is washing the dishes.

A broken arm.

Claudia fell down some steps after school and she broke her arm. Look at her plaster cast. It has lots of dinosaurs all over it.
her mum says she was very brave.

More busy children doing Discovery Learning in Room K0

Using the kitchen and all the equipment to act out cooking.

Action with the lego.

 Santino is searching for some boxes so he can create something new.

Ranui is discovering how to use the computer activities at school.

Moving to music

Riley used a wand and a scarf to make a ribbon to help him move to the music.

Discovery Learning happening in Room K0

Making masks.

Using computers.

Watching others play games.

Discovery Learning in Room K0 Week 6

What has Charlie made?

Here is Maddi and she has made a mask. What did she use?

Who is under the mask?  What is the difference between Amy's mask and Maddi's mask?

I wonder what these two girls are waiting to put in their bowls?